• Do your products contain sulfates?

    Absolutely not! Our products have never, and will never, contain any form of sulfate.

  • Do your products contain parabens?

    Nope! We’re passionate about providing our customers with the best formulas.

  • Are your products safe for color treated hair?

    They certainly are! All of our formulas have been designed to protect colored hair.

  • Are your products tested on animals?

    Never! Our products have never, nor will they ever be, tested on animals. We only test our products on ourselves.

  • Are your products gluten free?

    They sure are! All of our products are FREE of gluten.

  • Do you have samples or coupons?

    We do not offer any manufacturer coupons, but be sure to visit our promotions page to take advantage of the latest and greatest sales going on near you!

  • What are Cleansing Conditioners?

    A Cleansing Conditioner is definitely a newer form of hair care, but is quickly revolutionizing that way people clean their hair. This unique cleansing system is entirely different from traditional shampooing and conditioning methods.

    Here’s the difference. Traditional shampoos require you to scrub your scalp so that the product will foam. Now, here is the problem… This scrubbing motion twists, pulls, and tangles your hair. Scrubbing can actually be very problematic, especially for those with naturally thin, dry hair. So, this is where a cleansing conditioner comes to the rescue.

    Here is how it works: A cleansing conditioner is designed to reduce the damage caused by traditional shampoo methods. Instead of scrubbing the product around your scalp, this non-foaming formula requires you to evenly massage the product from roots to the ends of the hair in the same motion that your hair typically falls. Instantly, this type of motion significantly reduces any damage that can occur when you abrasively rub your hair with a shampoo. Furthermore, because this product has a very light cleansing agent, unlike that of a typical shampoo, the natural oils, minerals, and nutrients that form on your hair don’t get washed away.

    So, now you’re probably wondering about the conditioner component of this system. Conditioners are very gentle on hair, regardless if is a traditional conditioner you pair with a shampoo. A conditioner is the final step in replenishing the hair fiber with all of the essential nutrients, minerals, and oils it needs to stay healthy. The miracle of a cleansing conditioner is that it’s a natural collaboration of a light cleansing agent and a heavy conditioner. The cleansing conditioner gently cleans your hair, removing unwanted impurities and adding a surplus of healthy nutrients, sealed in with a micro-layer of oil that allows your hair to feed on the nutrients until the next time you wash.

    In order to get the best results with a cleansing conditioner, we recommend that after massaging in the product for about 2-3 minutes, you leave it in for another 3-5 minutes. This way the formula has enough time to absorb into the hair fiber and give it the replenishment it needs.

  • What are the benefits of Argan Oil Shampoo & Argan Oil Conditioner?

    Argan oil is a super lightweight, but mineral rich, oil that provides hair with an abundant mixture of oils that absorb into the hair to help enhance hydration and health while protecting that hair from heated styling tools and UV rays.

  • Does Renpure use Palm Oil?

    At Renpure, we support suppliers of palm-derived materials from the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Manufacturers. RSPO-certified manufacturers only obtain their palm supplies from sustainable sources. To learn more about the RSPO, please visit their website.

  • Are Renpure products made in the USA?

    Of course! Every one of our products is made right here in the USA!

  • Are your products safe to use on chemically treated hair?

    Our products are designed with this in mind. Our chemists use a special formulation that not only protects your hair treatment, but also maintains it. Our uniquely formulated products repair damage caused by chemical treatments, while protecting the integrity of the treatment as well.

  • Renpure products claim to be safe and free from harsh chemicals, yet they contain preservatives... Why?

    All living things are preserved in one way or another. We protect ourselves against infection and disease, plants have built in mechanisms protecting them from mold and other microorganisms, and we must protect our products as well. We take the same approach as nature uses, and we use the absolute minimum amount of preservative to get the job done without any effect to the people using our products.

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